What are VR glasses and how do they work?

Virtual Reality is a fun way to temporarily escape from reality. Virtual Reality is a computer technology that gives you the feeling that you have arrived in another reality. With the help of VR glasses you can enter this new reality. The glasses close your view of your current reality and a new reality opens in the glasses. Do you want to know more about the VR glasses? Then read on.

3D glasses

VR glasses are like 3D glasses. Both your eyes see their own image that differ from each other in light. In this way depth is created and you experience the Virtual Reality more as an actual reality. To enhance the effect, a matching sound is often used. You can enhance the 3D effect of VR glasses even more by adding scents or special effects.

Another reality

All kinds of different Virtual Realities are created that you can view with the VR glasses. It can be a completely bizarre reality, like a video game or it can mimic a very real environment. You can use the glasses as entertainment, to escape from reality. You can also use the glasses as a means to learn something new. For example, VR glasses are also used for exercises or training.

Moving with the VR glasses

The sensors of VR glasses follow the movements of your head and the Virtual Reality environment adapts to this. So you can look around the virtual environment by moving your head. There are already glasses that notice when you walk around or bend down. With some glasses you can also pick up virtual things. All this makes the experience even more real. Be careful when you move with the VR glasses on your head. Only walk around with the glasses if you are in a safe environment where you cannot bump into anything.

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