How does virtual reality work and what are the possibilities?

It’s very cool when you find yourself in a completely different world just by putting on glasses. That is exactly what you can do with virtual reality. You are suddenly in a completely different dimension with these very realistic computer glasses. The screen in front of your eyes is 360 degrees around you. Your VR environment interacts with you. And with the latest virtual reality techniques you are in a kind of lucid dream. You can send everything yourself. With the controllers you carry in your hands, you can play your games by actually sitting in them, walking through beautiful worlds, traveling through space for a while, sitting on a roller coaster, touching objects, fighting against opponents and participating in a letter. movie. Virtual reality has endless possibilities and the software is very extensive.

VR Glasses

To experience virtual reality you have to buy VR glasses . The old viewmaster of the past was a bit of a forerunner of the VR glasses. In this you did a film disc with still 3D photos that came into view lifelike before your eyes so that you were in the picture. Well-known and good VR glasses include the Oculus Quest and the HTC Vive. You feel and experience the environment with computer simulated 3D images. Everything is in 3D because the two windows through which you look greatly enhance your depth perception. This is because the VR glasses close off the environment so that you only experience what you see in the glasses without distraction.

Virtual reality Use as a simulator or as a professional learning environment

You get into a different body, a different character than yourself. You learn in practice with VR glasses. Think of performing a hospital operation that serves as a simulator. In that case, the images are lifelike and can be ideally used as a VR simulator for various professions. VR can be used as training for drivers, scientists, the military, technicians, pilots and doctors. With VR you can safely make mistakes without consequences. You can even learn to drive a car in VR. The techniques are getting better and more realistic. And it’s completely safe, provided you don’t bump into anything and choose the right place to conduct your VR experience.

Fantasy and sports

VR can also let you walk, cycle, boat, drive or fly in an amazing magical environment. Ever wanted to travel to New York? Want to dive with sharks? Want to orbit the Earth in space? Or walk on a mysterious fantasy planet? Everything is possible with VR. There are various programs with any reality you desire. You can connect the VR glasses to the PC, but you can also enter programs into the glasses independently. You can practice the coolest sports with it and even perform abdominal exercises on a virtual fitness machine. It is therefore also very healthy for your daily portion of exercise to purchase VR glasses. The most modern VR glasses take over your movements and adapt to you. You do this by moving your head. You can also define an area so that the glasses indicate when you are about to run into something. You can also view photos and videos 360 degrees and even create life-size 3D artworks with VR drawing programs.

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