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Find the best VR glasses in 2022 selected by price, reviews and features! Use the comparison below to quickly and easily find the right VR goggles for your purposes.

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Oculus Quest 2 VR Glasses
With 256 gigabytes of storage, you can store more than 80 games and the glasses are very well prepared for larger games in the future
HTC Vive Pro Full Kit VR Glasses
With its resolution of 2880x1600, the TC Vive Pro makes games more detailed and provides an improved dimension.

Finding VR Glasses in 2022

Do you want to follow the latest trends in the virtual reality world and are you looking for good VR glasses? Then we are happy to help you further on this website!

At we have tested all popular VR glasses and we put all the advantages and disadvantages of each pair in a handy overview. Curious about the experiences of others? You can also easily find these per pair of glasses via the reviews. Read on to find out why buying VR glasses is becoming more and more popular.

What are VR glasses?

VR Glasses are computer glasses that allow you to easily and quickly step into a simulated virtual reality. With good VR glasses on your head you experience this virtual reality in 3D and 360 degrees as your own environment. The VR Glasses offer both fantasy and realistic environments. The glasses have two glasses that you look through with a perfectly coordinated incidence of light and sharpness, so that your eyes both perceive the reality that the glasses play. With a complete VR headset it is possible to close off your entire environment, so that you no longer experience sensory stimuli from outside. In this way you create an experience in which it seems as if you are in a completely different reality.

What can you do with VR glasses?

Virtual Reality gives a completely new dimension to games, films and other digital programs such as training and treatments. The best VR goggles come with controllers that make it even possible to touch, grab, manipulate, throw and use things during use. Think of a game in which you shoot opponents and of a car where you control the steering wheel yourself.You can also practice various sports in Virtual Reality. In this way you can even maintain or improve your fitness with VR glasses.

And there are many more situations in which VR glasses are of enormous added value. For example, more and more companies are responding to VR developments. It is currently already possible to project certain products in your own living room by means of Artificial Intelligence, but soon you will simply visit a complete showroom from your couch with VR glasses. As a consumer, buying VR glasses is becoming increasingly popular.

The benefits of VR glasses

  • Step endlessly into breathtaking worlds from home
  • View products up close in virtual life
  • Experience the latest VR developments directly at home
  • Game more realistic, more intense and better
  • Follow realistic and highly effective workouts and exercises in VR
  • Experience various activities very realistically
  • Make sports at home more fun and challenging

Buy VR glasses for home workouts that never get boring

VR is an environment that is adapted to the movements you make. These are realistic. If you look and turn 360 degrees around you, the landscape or environment will also move as it does in the real world. If you pick up something with the controllers, the environment will show you that. You can also select various objects by turning your head and observe things that are built into the VR landscape. VR is an experience in itself, and you can do a lot with it in terms of interaction between your movements and the VR world. This makes it possible to do home workouts in varied and breathtaking environments, making workouts more challenging and never boring.

VR Glasses FAQ

Where can you buy VR glasses?

VR glasses are for sale online at various web stores. It is often also possible to try out VR glasses in a physical store.

How expensive are VR glasses?

The prices for good VR glasses vary between 300 and 1500 euros. In general, the higher the price, the better the quality and more complete the set.

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